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Randall's Tunnel, 2005

In Randall’s Tunnel, time and motion do not imply progress, but rather re-circulation. In the installation, a body bounces back and forth like a metronome in the main video, trees pass by endlessly on the supporting videos, and large pots on burners attempt to contain the pressure of the boiling water that they hold. Each of these elements offers the viewer an alternative possibility through which to contemplate the passage of time.

Randall’s Tunnel was installed November 2005 at HereART in NYC. The exhibition was made possible in part by the Manhattan Community Arts Fund/ New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. This project is also supported by a grant from the Special Opportunity Stipend Program through the New York Foundation for the Arts, administered on Long Island by the East End Arts Council.

4-channel installation

video, pot of boiling water, pillow, sound

Michele Beck and Jorge Calvo



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